PMS and Sesame offer adviser incentives in new protection campaign

15th May 2018
"94% of advisers believe it is their moral responsibility to talk to their clients about their protection needs, so we know the desire is there. "

PMS Mortgage Club and Sesame Network are launching a campaign to reduce the UK’s protection gap by improving advisers’ conversations with mortgage customers.

The campaign asks advisers to sign a charter that commits them to quote protection and general insurance for every mortgage customer during the campaign period.

For every adviser who signs up, the two distribution brands will provide a wide range of support activity and also donate £5 to the British Heart Foundation.

Advisers signing up to the campaign will receive access to a dedicated adviser hub offering a range of resources and support materials to help them on the journey, including daily webinars and drop-in clinics with protection and general insurance providers.

Advisers will also receive a support pack with customer-facing literature, including access to personalised branded mortgage interview guides and protection disclaimers, plus videos and social media content, to help advisers have more effective protection conversations with clients.

Mark Graves, managing director at Sesame and PMS, said: “Our research has told us that 94% of advisers believe it is their moral responsibility to talk to their clients about their protection needs, so we know the desire is there. One of the ideal opportunities for advisers to have this conversation is when their clients are taking on debt in the shape of a mortgage. At a time when millions of people in the UK remain underinsured, or have no financial protection at all, we believe that advisers can play a pivotal role in bridging the UK’s yawning protection gap. We want the industry to join PMS and Sesame’s mission to address this society problem and make a real difference to people’s financial wellbeing. The Charter aims to turn advisers’ feelings and intentions into reality by creating good habits, which ensure that protection is at the heart of every client conversation.

“There are a variety of reasons why some advisers struggle with consistently providing protection advice, such as the underwriting process, time constraints and not wanting to overload the client with information. Whilst valid arguments, we believe it ultimately comes down to our advising habits. Our campaign will deliver daily support to help advisers cultivate good habits by building their skills and confidence. It will enable advisers to embed a consistent process, which educates clients about their risks and how to protect them.

“Our campaign is about delivering the financial peace of mind people need, which goes to the very heart of the integral role that advisers play in their customers’ lives. As a leading player in the advice profession, we are also committed to playing our part by working closely with other key players, such as product providers and lenders, to overcome obstacles, improve processes and drive efficiencies.”

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