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In the Spotlight with Lee Carling, Loans Warehouse

6th April 2018
Lee Carling Loans Warehouse
"From adversity came the rebirth of the bridging sector and I’ve been lucky enough to see the growth from the best seat in the house."

We spoke to Lee Carling, Loans Warehouse's new head of bridging, about his recommendations for brokers who are new to the specialist lending market and Loans Warehouse's previous wins at the Financial Reporter Awards.

FR: Your current job title is head of bridging – what does your day-to-day role involve and what issues are affecting intermediaries in the current climate?

I’ve joined an experienced bridging team with a great understanding of every part of the process, from the initial enquiry through to completion. I oversee our expanding lending panel to review lender requirements and ensure regular communication with all parties to ensure a successful outcome to all enquiries. The most important aspect is ensuring the client receives a first-class service.

The number of bridging lenders available for a broker to use is the largest it has ever been. That’s great from a broker’s perspective as it means we can provide the client with a more definitive tailor-made solution. However, bridging is about speed and flexibility. Lenders and solicitors should not forget that.

FR: What are Loans Warehouse’s main aims or focuses in 2018?

To continue to be the best and to build on our award-winning business proposition. Loan Warehouse focuses on the training and development of their staff and continue to support and assist them in obtaining their own career goals. We work in a fast paced and exciting environment where the emphasis remains fully focused on the service we provide to our clients.

FR: What advice would you give to brokers who are new to the specialist lending market?

Brokers who are new to bridging tend to dip their toe in the water with a certain trepidation. I would always recommend utilising an established and respected specialist introducer like Loans Warehouse for specialist clients. The broker can take advantage of the relationships we have with lenders and ensure the best possible outcome for each client and broker.

FR: How has the market changed over your career and what are your predictions for the future?

The market changes have been gargantuan. When I started in this industry it was commonplace to lend to someone who was self-employed but the only proof of that income required was a self-declaration, they could have numerous arrears on their mortgage without any real evidence that that pattern was changing. I, along with many others, have lived through the financial crash and subsequent crunch. However, from adversity came the rebirth of the bridging sector and I’ve been lucky enough to see the growth from the best seat in the house. The market has evolved and continues to do so.

FR: Loans Warehouse has won Best Bridging Broker for the past two years at the Financial Reporter Awards – why do you think brokers should vote for you again this year?

Awards are won for a reason, because you are the best in your chosen field. We continually strive to improve year on year and we are without doubt the best in show.

FR: If you could see one headline about financial services in 2018, what would it be?

Breaking news: Brexit will not be discussed by anyone!

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